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For Technical Help with RegistryNXT!

For technical issues (e.g. locked out of account, password reset), you can contact the RegistryNXT! Technical Helpdesk:

Note: The helpdesk uses your email address to locate your account information. When contacting the helpdesk, please use the email address associated to your RegistryNXT! account. When you send an email to the helpdesk from a different email address, you will receive an error message from the helpdesk system. If you are unable to reach the helpdesk through email, please call the toll free number to speak with a helpdesk representative.

  • Phone (USA): 1-888-404-4413

  • Phone (International):

    • Call the local AT&T Direct® Access Code for the country from which you are calling from this list.

    • You will reach the automated operator (in English) stating "AT&T, Please dial the number you are calling now"

    • Please enter number 888-404-4413

    • You will hear the following automated response "Thank you for using AT&T" and will be connected to the helpdesk

  • By email: RegistryNXT.helpdesk@us.imshealth.com

Phone numbers are toll free and the helpdesk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may call for:

  • Data entry issues
  • Website issues
  • Technical support

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Please Note: Registration is for new RegistryNXT! accounts only. If you already have an account and would like to receive access to another registry, please contact your local Sanofi Genzyme Registry representative or a member of the Registry team for assistance.

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